India’s leading tyre manufacturer CEAT LTD, won the prestigious international award Deming Grand Prize, for sustained quality management for the last 15 years. CEAT became the first tyre manufacturer globally to win the award presented by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) for excellence in Total Quality Management (TQM). The Deming Grand Prize is an illustrious honour for organizations that have achieved the Deming Prize and have continued to sustain and elevate their Total Quality Management (TQM) practices for more than three years. CEAT has been on the TQM journey for over fifteen years and was the first tyre company outside Japan to win the prestigious Deming Prize in 2017. With this, CEAT is among the 33 international companies to win the distinct award. The flagship company of RPG Enterprises, CEAT was established in 1958. With a global presence, CEAT now produces more than 41 million high-performance tyres, catering to various segments like 2-3 Wheelers, Passenger and Utility Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, and Off-Highway Vehicles.


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