Acting as the innovative Turkish manufacturer of rail systems and commercial vehicles, Bozankaya presents its experiences in the field of transportation through new generation vehicle projects. Taking part in various rail system and public transportation projects across the world, Bozankaya is breaking many new grounds thanks to the domestically manufactured 100% low-base tramcar, trambus, underground and electrically-driven bus projects. Bozankaya will highlight its domestic tramcar and trambus projects in Eurasia Rail Fair to be held in Istanbul between the dates of 05-07th of March and additionally it will present its electrically-driven bus in Turkey for the first time in Turkey (11.Hall – Stand.11D21)

Bozankaya Trambus_1Bozankaya, having engaged in rail system manufacturing since the year of 1997, developed domestically manufactured 100% low-base tramcar that represents many new grounds for Turkey. The 66-meter long and bidirectional tramcar of Bozankaya which will be put into service in 2016 features to be the first vehicle with the highest passenger capacity in the tramcar segment in Turkey. Besides, it is the cost-efficient tramcar project among the ones launched in Turkey so far, according to the release from the company. Winning the tender at the amount of 46 Million Euro, Bozankaya is manufacturing 30 units of such special tramcars for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality first in order to ease city transportation.

General Director of Bozankaya Group, Aytunç Günay said, “As Bozankaya, we are manufacturing 100% low-base tramcar vehicle at the length of 33 meters which consists of 5 modules, following our long-term R&D studies. Complying with international standards as a domestically manufactured vehicle, this tramcar features to have a higher quality and is a more advantageous transportation vehicle in financial terms in comparison with the vehicles imported from Europe.”

The first domestic trambuses will be put into service accompanied by an official launch to be held in Malatya as a result of 8 months of test drive process. Delivering 10 trambuses to Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Bozankaya receives demands for such special vehicle from local administrations situated both in Turkey and abroad. New generation trambuses which meet the need of environmentally-friendly, fast and reliable transportation systems and draw attention thanks to a low initial investment cost ensures 65-70% savings in comparison with diesel-fuelled buses. On the other hand it doubles the service life of diesel-fuelled vehicles in terms of durability. Electrical propulsion system used in Trambus makes difference thanks to its energy and eco-friendly solution plan. Being operated with the principle of zero emission trambuses are also acting as a pioneer in terms of environmental awareness.

Acting as the General Director of Bozankaya Group, Aytunç Günay provides information on the first domestic trambus as follows: “Despite of having technical similarities with the tramcar systems, the trambus systems whose initial investment costs are much lower, obviously differ from the other systems in terms of initial investment costs thanks to the fact that the vehicle prices are lower and infrastructure requirements (rail, junction, signalling etc.) are less. Trambus provides about 75% advantage of saving energy in comparison with conventional vehicle whose total weight reaches up to 40 tons. Bozankaya Trambus is not only a good alternative for rail systems but also it can work in an integrated way with rail systems. We are pleased to offer such an important electrically-driven vehicle through domestic production in Turkey depending on the anticipation suggesting that electrically-driven engines will dominate the automotive industry. Our trambuses draw the attention of local administrations both on national and international platforms. We will soon start the export of our vehicles for which the technical committees from Greece, Brazil, Australia and Germany visited Turkey and witnessed their performance on-site.”

Bozankaya E-Bus_1E-Bus by Bozankaya will transport the members of the rail system industry in Eurasia Rail Fair

Making significant R&D investments for the design of rail systems and commercial vehicles, Bozankaya will operate another new vehicle, E-Bus, in Eurasia Rail Fair, held in Turkey, for the first time. Launched by Bozankaya across the world in IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair held in Germany at the end of 2014, E-Bus will transport fair visitors in Eurasia Rail Fair.

Bozankaya E-Bus is of particular importance because of the fact that it is a completely domestic investment and its R&D studies were carried out jointly by Turkish and German engineers. The production of E-Bus, on the other hand, whose accumulator system was developed by Bozankaya GmbH within the scope of Bozankaya Group is undertaken by Bozankaya Inc. When compared with other city buses currently in use, the product of Bozankaya, E-Bus, steps forward in terms of energy consumption, environmental awareness and efficiency.

Günay said, “We regard the electrically-driven systems as the future of the new generation public transportation vehicles. Therefore, we have been working for a long period of time for E-bus whose design and manufacturing are undertaken by Bozankaya. E-Bus offers several solutions at a time as an environmentally-friendly, quiet, economical and efficient city bus. When our vehicle is charged, it covers approximately 260-320 km distance. As Bozankaya, we guarantee at least 200 km. E-Bus drew the attention of many countries thanks to these features.”


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