Bosch’s latest generation of acceleration sensors makes developing airbag systems easier. With versions for use in the airbag control unit and versions for peripheral use in the vehicle’s front, sides, and rear, the SMA6xy sensor platform simplifies the release approval process by giving sensors a common housing design whatever the application. All the sensors in the new SMA6xy product family are ideally suited to Bosch ASICs for airbag systems.

Better protection against microcuts
The PSI5 sensor for peripheral use comes in versions offering measurement ranges of 120, 240, or 480 g (type SMA68x and SMA69x). In addition to the normal x and y channels, these sensors are now also available with a z channel for measuring acceleration in the vertical axis. So whatever the desired orientation of the sensor’s installation, there is a version to match. This gives airbag system developers greater design freedom. Compared to previous versions, the new sensors are much better protected against microcuts – extremely brief interruptions in power supply to the sensor following an impact – and can now tolerate interruptions of up to 10 microseconds.

Designed to be installed in the airbag control unit, the SPI sensors can measure accelerations of up to 120 g (type SMA66x) and their readings have 12-bit resolution. An arming pin helps developers to initiate the airbag algorithm by showing when readings exceed a defined threshold value.

All sensors in the SMA6xy product family have a compact SOIC8n housing and are available in 1-channel (x, y or z axis) or 2-channel (x-y or y-z axes) versions. Since they are designed for use in safety-critical airbag systems, the sensors meet the criteria stipulated for the ASIL D safety level in accordance with ISO 26262


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