Ambitious emissions standards are boosting business worldwide for Bosch Emission Systems GmbH & Co. KG (BESG). Regulations such as Tier 4 final emission limits and Euro 6 are driving demand for exhaust-gas treatment systems for trucks, diggers, and other mobile machinery. “When it comes to commercial vehicles, the global market for these systems will double by 2020,” predicts Dr. Markus Heyn, president of the Diesel Systems division at Bosch. To keep pace with this rapidly increasing demand, BESG is now bringing new production facilities online in Neunkirchen, in Germany’s Saarland. At 3,500 square meters, the existing production halls reached the limit of their capacity some time ago. Now, nearly 15,000 square meters are ready for use. “In our new plant, we can make sure our manufacturing and logistics processes are ideal and cost-effective from day one,” says Uwe Becker, technical plant manager in Neunkirchen.

1-DS-20431 1-DS-20432This expansion of facilities in Germany is only one of the ways Bosch can benefit from the forecasted market upturn. In addition, Bosch engineers are constantly refining the product portfolio, which covers everything from integration to the manufacture of complete exhaust systems – for both on- and off-highway applications. What’s more, BESG in North America has also started equipping large passenger cars, such as SUVs, with complete exhaust-gas systems. One of the drivers of this is growth in the diesel market in North America, with models such as the Jeep Cherokee or Dodgeb Ram 1500 serving as landmark projects. Currently, 37 diesel models are available in the United States; by 2017, that number is expected to jump to 60.

Bosch’s innovative integrated systems lower emissions per driven kilometer for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and construction machinery. BESG can individually configure all systems to customer wishes and integrate them into vehicles or machinery, including certification. In addition, Bosch Emission Systems specialists provide systems for stationary applications such as generators.


Bend, weld, and laser
Three state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are at the heart of BESG’s production operations. First, a fully electronic machine bends pipes measuring 2.5 to 6 inches in diameter; thanks to special tools developed in house, even the tightest bending radii are possible. Second, the latest robotic welding technology ensures efficient synchronous welding of components. Third, Bosch Emission Systems can cut complex shapes in all three dimensions using a globally unique laser system.


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