Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has announced a 5-year partnership with Jaipur-based Bharat Skill Development University (BSDU) to provide Indian youth with hands-on, skills-based training for career development in the automotive industry and body shops.  The partnership is expected to train more than 200 students with certified programs of 6 months, 1 year, or 3 years for a Bachelor of Vocation. Axalta will help to design the curriculum and provide extensive coatings training to instructors and selective students from BSDU. The company will also work with BSDU’s School of Automotive Skills and provide the necessary tools and equipment, paint mixing machines, paint material and study materials.

“Having a strong pipeline of skilled workers is critical to the long-term growth of India’s automotive sector,” said Lokender Pal Singh, Refinish Director South Asia, Axalta Coating Systems. “The government, as well as industry, have made significant efforts to address this issue through programs like BDSU.  Axalta is very proud to be a part of the solution by supporting Indian youth through our partnership with BDSU.  Our hope is that one day these same students will drive the growth of automotive industry in India.”

BSDU is the first project of its kind in India and is an initiative of the Joshi Foundation Switzerland instituted by Dr. Rajendra Joshi. He initiated this project for Skill Development based on the Swiss Dual System of training of both vocational school learning and practical on the job training. The program is designed to introduce the students to the operation of today’s complex vehicles by giving them a comprehensive understanding, basic to advanced, of various automotive systems like transmission, brakes, steering and suspension, electrical and electronics, and engine performance. The course is focused on producing skilled manpower for Automotive service industry through regroups training, both at university and at industry through its modular program structure.

Brig. Dr. Surjit Singh Pabla, Vice Chancellor, BSDU, said: “We are extremely pleased and grateful to be associated with Axalta. It is encouraging to see companies like Axalta being so committed to India, our youth, and to bridging the skills gap.  Building up the next generation of our workforce is extremely important as we look to continue to grow and build a strong prosperous automotive industry in India.”


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