Avnet gives a preview of its future roadmap as part of the Silver Jubilee celebrations. Deven Lad with inputs from Shashi Kumar looks at the promising headroom.


Technology distribution and solutions provider Avnet marked its silver jubilee celebrations with a showcase of the latest initiatives at the company. The company celebrated its 25th anniversary in India and took the opportunity to revisit the transformation of the semiconductor and electronics industry in India it is proud to be associated with. The company has played a hand in this transformation and is known to have assisted Indian inventors in transforming today’s concepts into tomorrow’s technology. Avnet India is also involved with the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem where the company develops  the charging infrastructure as part of its service offerings. According to Suresh Kamath, Managing Director, India can enjoy the benefits in the manufacturing industry within the next three to five years. “We are proud to have been a part of India’s journey since 1998. We have helped Indian companies develop world-class products, and provide design and engineering services across a wide range of industries, including automotive, industrial, telecommunications, as well as Aerospace and Defence,” he mentioned. He committed to continue supporting India’s innovation ecosystem in the years to come.


Supply chain complexities

With a supply chain as diverse to accommodate semiconductors on one end of the spectrum and charging ecosystem at the other end, As part of this complex supply chain, Avnet India has  collaborated with both global and local tier suppliers. This includes systems integrators and module manufacturers and extends to integrated device manufacturers, cable and connector companies, and display manufacturers.  The company stakeholders painted an optimistic picture about its of the India prospects owing to several macro developments and not limited to in India, owing to a burgeoning semiconductor industry, government initiatives encouraging indigenous production, and a dynamic ecosystem. Tan Aik Hoon, Regional President, South Asia Korea at Avnet is of the opinion that  India’s percentage of Avnet’s South Asia business is ~20 per cent and there headroom for expansion to attain ~35-40 per cent in the long run.


Headroom for growth

The stakeholders at the company are of the firm belief that there are encouraging signs of growth in India’s automotive sector, with several new projects in the EV segment sprouting. Despite the termination of the FAME II subsidy, which has caused a slowdown in the domestic market, especially in the uptick of the electric two-wheelers,  accompanied by new designs in both Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and EV technology. Over the next three to five years, the company expects to work closely with key suppliers to implement cutting-edge technology, offering sustainable solutions such as electric vehicles, and chargers. “Avnet India is supporting India in its journey of overcoming challenges, such as increasing the number of charging stations in the country and mitigating inter operability issues related to different EV charging standards,” informed Kamath. As per Kamath, the government’s PLI scheme promises to enhance sectoral growth, and will result in the expected high GDP growth of above six per cent. It will have a beneficial knock-on effect on the industry.


Investment to back innovation

An exciting increase in investment and innovation in industrial infrastructure and equipment is occurring. Avnet provides the development of customised products as well as the delivery of Intellectual Property (IP) via software or applications for market integration.“With retail sales contracting on a Year-over-Year (YoY) basis and the composite PMI levels indicating contraction, the  imposition of windfall taxes by the government has further compounded these challenges.” Kamath explained.

Avnet has one of its seven design labs in Asia, in India. It has where it has invested over USD 215,000 over the past many years. “This facility serves as a testing service hub for start-ups at a nominal fee, enabling them to refine their solutions for market readiness. The lab accommodates testing for electric vehicle chargers, smart metering, and more,” Kamath informed.


Empowering local innovators

Avnet India provides a variety of services to assist local innovators. It is making a special effort to guide the design and prototyping of products, to help these innovations seamlessly transition  from conceptualising to production, and commercialisation. Leveraging its expansive global supplier network, Avnet facilitates seamless component sourcing and supply chain solutions. Avnet also facilitates the product value enhancement and life extension services. The company extends a comprehensive array of testing and consulting services through its ‘Testing as a Service’ (TAAS) offering. Through the  global logistics network, the company wants to ensure precise product placement, timely deliveries, and optimal cost-effectiveness.


Aerospace and Defence

Avnet is also claimed to be long lasted a reliable partner by prominent companies in the aerospace  and defence industries. It has committed to  investments in the modernisation of the aerospace and defence platforms include stocking an array of technologies, including military and space-qualified devices. This further extends to providing value-added services for design, supply-chain management, compliance, and offering expertise through dedicated product and technical market professionals. The objective is to contribute consistently to the design, delivery, and maintenance of complex communications, aircraft, armament, and intelligence systems. The company has directly contributed to the creation of excellent radar and anti-drone systems for the country. ACI


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