Leading tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres has introduced the Vredestein Pinza All Terrain (AT) tyres in India, specifically designed for premium SUVs from top brands such as Jeep, JLR, Mercedes, Toyota and Volvo. The Vredestein Pinza AT tyres provides an all-weather grip, excellent stability, and a quieter ride. The tyres are produced at Apollo Tyres’ facilities in Vadodara and Andhra Pradesh and have been tested extensively across different continents in various weather conditions. The tyres have stone ejectors and a 3-ply triplex casing for enhanced durability, while their jagged edge shoulder design delivers rugged aesthetics and full capability in mud, sand and snow. The 5th generation polymer blend ensures outstanding wet weather stability, and the tyres have a wider tread pattern, increased tread stiffness and four herringbone grooves for water evacuation. Satish Sharma, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), Apollo Tyres Ltd, said the Vredestein Pinza AT tyre was designed to meet drivers’ needs and would appeal to off-roading enthusiasts with premium SUVs.


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