ACMA has unveiled a Mechatronics lab and another Design lab at its Centre of Excellence (ACoE) – Saksham, located in the IIT-Delhi campus in Sonipat. Set up with a total cost of Rs 4.5 crore, the Mechatronics lab is focused on imparting skills in the field of automation and Modular Production Systems (MPS) while the Design lab intends to enable auto component MSMEs in gaining designing prowess along with the development of new products.

Aimed at creating global competitiveness and make Indian component makers industry ready in terms of the requisite skill sets, the the Centre of Excellence, in the short-term, would be used for training and capability building. The long-term vision for the AcoE, said Deepak Jain, President, ACMA, is that the shared resources at the Centre be used by the industry for co-development of products and creating Intellectual Property. Further, the intent is to create ACMA Centres of Excellence in all automotive hubs, each specialising in a unique domain.

The Mechatronics lab will impart skills and knowledge on Modular Automation Production Systems ranging from basics of low-cost automation, to PLC (Program &Logic Control) to SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) systems. Participants will be trained on the Modular Production Systems (MPS) which will give insights into industrial production process. The lab includes work stations for training in Servo Motor Drive Systems Sensors for ‘object detection’, PLC & Human Machine Interface (HMI), Electro Hydraulic and Basic & Advance electro-pneumatics. It is also equipped with a six-station MPS, a robot station and an Industry 4.0 station.

The design lab is aimed at facilitating the auto component industry, especially across Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets, in designing and developing new products. This lab is equipped with 16 high-end workstations, a 3D scanner and design software. The Dassault 3-D experience software, the most advanced and widely used design software will be used, which includes modules for new product development, tooling designing and reverse engineering.

Reiterating the intentions of ACMA is setting up these labs, Jain said, “The automotive industry in India and the globe are undergoing tremendous technological changes on the front of emissions, safety and environment. To remain globally competitive and relevant to customers, it is imperative for the Indian auto component industry to ensure that our shop-floors as well as our products are world-class as also on the cutting edge of technology.”


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