3M India introduces a new solution for large structure bonding—3M Scotch-Weld LSB Structural Adhesives. These high-performing adhesives are available as toughened or flexible two part epoxy formulas, offering convenient options that allow manufacturers to replace mechanical fasteners such as welds, rivets and screws. With a hold that resists vibration and impact to last for the long term, 3M Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesives offer a superior alternative to mechanical fasteners.

The products are available in three formulas: LSB60, LSB60NS, and LSB90. These adhesives help reduce work and worries, with multiple production and end-use benefits. Use of an adhesive distributes stress uniformly over the bonded area and maintains the surface integrity and physical properties of the panel. It also allows manufacturers to use thinner, lighter panel materials without concerns about distortion, splitting or crazing. Unlike welding, bonding does not expose workers to heat or require refinishing of burn ridges. Structural adhesives can secure even small or thin bonding edges such as honeycomb, and can be applied in irregular patterns to follow contours and random shapes. They also save the work of drilling and surface refinishing, helping keep panels smooth and clean for a more attractive appearance. Finally, these adhesives enable bonding of dissimilar materials without worries of galvanic corrosion or stresses of different coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction.

The adhesives are easy to apply, with availability in 400 ml EPX cartridges as well as pails and drums with a convenient 1:1 mix ratio for use in meter mix equipment.


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