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Drivetrains For  Real Demand

Drivetrains For Real Demand

Automotive manufacturers are tapping into the mix of next-generation technological developments with localisation for vehicular platform consolidation. Ashish Bhatia looks at this strategy to manufacture drivetrains for the real demand. Vehicular platform consolidation is a well known global practice aimed at reducing manufacturing and platform up-gradation complexity. It is also a way to reduce any redundancies that may exist. However,[Read More…]

by June 4, 2021 Cover Story, Web Exclusive
Vehicular Platform Consolidation

Vehicular Platform Consolidation

The strategy to use one platform to underpin many models is expected to enable manufacturers to sustain business in the long run. Story by: Ashish Bhatia Vehicular platform consolidation is an exercise undertaken by manufacturers the world over to prune their number of platforms. For some, the objective is to reduce manufacturing and platform upgradation complexity while for others it’s[Read More…]

by July 10, 2020 Cover Story