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ASDC channels Universities to improve reach and relevance

ASDC channels Universities to improve reach and relevance

Text: J Srikant While India has been well acknowledged across the world for its excellent human resources in Information Technology, the same cannot be said about the skills available in the manufacturing sector. Blame it on the Indian education system, which squarely focuses on theory with practice given the least priority. The sector that is the worst affected because of[Read More…]

by January 7, 2015 Special Report, Web Exclusive

GKN and the Go-Ahead Group using F1 technology to improve fuel efficiency of London buses

GKN plc and The Go-Ahead Group have agreed a deal that will help reduce emissions in cities with the supply of electric flywheel systems to 500 buses over the next two years. The innovative GKN system is based on Formula One race technology developed in the UK. It will help increase the efficiency of every bus to which it is[Read More…]