Kunal Ahuja, Deputy Managing Director, HVCSIL

Q: Can you take us through the safety initiatives you have taken at the plant?
Ahuja: It has been more than 14 years since we have had no ‘losttime case’ on any account including injuries to a person. Across all Halla Visteon plants globally, we are number one. What we define as lost-time case is if someone has to take leave from work because of injury. We engage people to maintain quality and safety.
Every person in the company has to have his eyes and mind engaged; they are given a forum to express grievances and are also empowered to solve those issues. For example, in our morning meetings no manager is involved and it is participated by only up to the supervisor level.

Q: How are you able to maintain this level of safety? Is it because of the automation or some poke-yokes?
Ahuja: Safety is the number one priority of the management. More importantly, we are promoting among the employees to bring forward any issue that can potentially affect safety. Even the new machines which are installed are evaluated from the safety angle before installation.

Q: Has this become a benchmark for Halla Visteon’s other manufacturing plants?
Ahuja: Yes, I can humbly say this, and our customers and industry have acknowledged us. Our CEO, during his recent visit, had asked us to make a movie from the operation excellence point of view so that it could be given to the plant managers across the globe. We are in the process of making a short film. ACI



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