WABCO signs global long-term supply agreement with Daimler Trucks for AMT control technology

WABCO Holdings Inc., a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, announced that Daimler Trucks has extended its long-term supply agreement with WABCO for new heavy-duty automated manual transmission (AMT) control technology to support its series production mainly in Europe, North America, Japan, and South America. Headquartered in Germany, Daimler Trucks[Read More…]

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WABCO’s sales growth in 2016 outperforms global CV market

WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), a leading global supplier of technologies and services that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, reported Q4 and full year 2016 results. “In Q4 2016, we continued to increase market penetration in key regions, such as China, the world’s largest market for commercial vehicles, where in particular we augmented adoption of WABCO[Read More…]

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Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announces breakthrough technologies at CES

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announces breakthrough technologies at CES

In his 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote, Nissan Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn announced several technologies and partnerships as part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility blueprint for transforming how cars are driven, powered, and integrated into wider society. These technologies will advance mobility toward a zero-emission, zero-fatality future on the roads. “At Nissan, from[Read More…]

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Continental and Inmarsat Cooperate for Holistic Vehicle Connectivity

Step by step the vehicle is becoming part of the Internet of Everything, interfacing with an ever expanding spectrum of vehicle manufacturer and commercial services while continuously increasing owner value with every passing year. As a consequence the software in modern vehicles has grown to millions of lines of ever-evolving code. Keeping this highly complex system of software, mechatronics and[Read More…]

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Continental accelerates growth

Continental accelerated its growth in the third quarter of 2016 as announced. However, the quarter was characterized by several isolated and unrelated circumstances in the Automotive divisions that had a negative impact on earnings. “The sales growth in our automotive business gained momentum in the third quarter. With organic growth of over 6 percent, we once again grew faster than[Read More…]

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Continental strengthens technology expertise with new acquisitions

The Continental Corporation continues to expand its leading technology expertise with targeted acquisitions as announced. The international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer and industrial partner has acquired the tire specialist Hoosier Racing Tire (Lakeville, Indiana, USA), as well as a majority stake in Zonar Systems Inc. (Seattle, Washington, USA), a company specializing in fleet management solutions. It was agreed in both[Read More…]

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Continental brings the Head-Up Display to CVs

Continental brings the Head-Up Display to CVs

It has already conquered the mid-range cars, but it’s still new in the world of trucks – the head-up display (HUD). Continental is one of the world’s first companies to develop a HUD for commercial vehicles and has installed the technology in its own InnovationTruck. Supplementing conventional instrument clusters, the display provides the driver with greater safety and comfort by[Read More…]

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Continental Focuses on Sustainable Mobility

Major challenges for society were the main issues at this year’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of the international technology company Continental. “The concept of mobility is currently being redefined. It is expected to be even safer, even cleaner, and – above all – fully connected. And all at a price that everyone can afford. All of this requires more efficient, more[Read More…]

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Schaeffler holdings sells 94.4 mn non-voting shares of Schaeffler AG

Schaeffler Verwaltungs GmbH, a subsidiary of INA-Holding Schaeffler GmbH & Co. KG, announces that 94.4 million non-voting shares of Schaeffler AG were sold. The placement price with institutional investors was set at EUR 13.10 per non-voting share. Schaeffler Holding will receive proceeds of about EUR 1.24 billion from the sale.   The sale includes all of the non-voting shares in[Read More…]

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Hitachi, Honda develop prototype of Portable Alcohol Detection Device for vehicle smart keys

Hitachi, Honda develop prototype of Portable Alcohol Detection Device for vehicle smart keys

Hitachi and Honda announced they have developed a prototype of a portable alcohol detector that can be integrated into a smart key. The prototype is tamper-resistant as it can distinguish human breath from alternative gases. This device is capable of distinctively detecting the saturated water vapour from human breath and accurately measures alcohol levels within three seconds. Hitachi and Honda[Read More…]

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